Friday, 26 August 2011

Different Types of Masala Powder

1. Goda Masala : [Maharashtrian's Garam Masala]

Coriander seeds                           1 cup heaped
Cumin seeds                                1/4 cup
Grated dry coconut                      1/4 cup
Seaame seeds                              1/4 cup
Black cumin seeds
[shah- jeera]                                1 tsp
Cloves                                        1 tsp
Black cardamoms                        1 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon                                   1 inch barks '10'
Fenu greek seeds                         2 pinches
Black gram dhal                          2 tsp
Tamal patra                                2 tsp
Little oil                                     For frying

Method :

Fry each spice separately in little oil. Cool & powder together. Preserve in air tight, clean container.

2. Vangi [Brinjal ] Bhath Powder :

Coriander seeds                           1/4 cup
Fenu greek                                  1/4 tsp
Red chillies                                  15
Cinnamon                                   3 sticks
Bengal gram                                2 tbl sp
Curry leaves                                1/4 cup
Asafoetida                                   As per taste.

Method :

Fry each spice separately, in little ghee & powder together. Presereve in clean container.

3. Curry Masala Powder :

Red Chillies                              3 cups
Fenu greek                               1/4 cup
Pepper                                     1/4 cup
Cumin seeds                             1/4 cup
Mustard seeds                           2 tbl sp
Coriander seeds                        1/4 cup
Red gram dhal                          1 cup
Rock salt                                 1/2 cup
Dry ginger                               Little
Curry leaves                           1/2 cup
Tamarind                               Lemon sized
Garlic flakes                          1/4 cup with skin [Optional].

Method :
Dry roast salt & tamarind separately. Fry other spices separately in little oil. Powder together. Add garlic, salt, tamarind at the end & powder again. Store in clean air tight bottle.

4. Punjabi Masala Powder :

Cumin seeds                            100 gms
Coriander seeds                        1/2 kg
Black Pepper                            50 gms
Cinnamon                                10 gms
Cloves                                     10 gms
Cardamom                               50 gms.

Method :

Dry every thing well under sun & powder together.

Variation :

Omit cardamom, add 10 gms of red chillies & powder well.

5. Tea Masala Powder :

Dry Ginger                          200 gms
Black Pepper                       50 gms
Cinnamon                            50 gms
Cloves                                 50 gms
Cardamom                           75 gms
Nutmeg                                2 [Jadhikkai]
Lemon grass                         1/4 bundle [Make them dry].

Method :

Dry everything well under the sun & then powder together nicely & store it in a clean dry bottle.


  1. very useful for beginners!

  2. Very useful, chithi :) Esp, the Maharashtrian masala and the addition of lemon grass in tea masala... Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Super!!!! Thanks for all the masalas. Send recipes of sesamme(til)powder,paruppu powder and coconut powder.