Monday, 3 December 2012

Chumchum (Bengali Sweet)

Ingredients :

  • Milk - 1 lit [ milk to be heated on previous day and kept in refrigerator for 8 hours ]
  • Cornfloor - 1 / 2 sp
  • Sugar - 1 3 / 4 cups
  • Yellow colour or saffron - litttle
  • Water - 5 1 / 2 cups

Method :
Remove cream from milk and prepare paneer. [ if cow's milk used then remove cream immediately after cooling ]. Add yellow colour and  cornflour  kneed  well  till it become  smooth. Divide paneer in to  small balls and shape it.[ shape in lenth wise ] Prepare syrup on high flame. When it starts boiling add prepared chumchum  [ use broad vessel to allow the chumchum to expand. ] Do not cover for first five mints then boil for further 15 - 17 minuts with the lid half open. Then remove from the gas. Keep the chumchum in the syrup for one day. To serve remove from syrup and garnish with silver wrap, or with dessicated coconut and powdered sugar.

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